INLE Reviews Passion Pit, High Schoolers, 2010

We were so incredibly unprepared.  The night was supposed to be one thing and it expeditously turned on its ear.  We knew early on that we were in trouble.  The first thing that came to mind upon seeing the crowd around us?

No.  Shit.  I’ve seen enough of Glee to know that it is horrifically awful not for me.  Having said that, without question this show was in the top five favorite programs of ZOMG!LOLZ!!!! ALMST DA WHLE CRWD!!  We’ll get back to this.

Passion Pit has been sort of a guilty pleasure for us since late last year.  It’s dancey, spritely fun.  It kind of makes you happy and forgetful about your more serious problems.  All along we were intrigued by the significant production that went into their album (lots of beats, sounds, etc).  Michael Angelakos’ (lead singer) voice seemed impossible to replicate in person.  Great album, but were they merely an “album band?”

Needless to say, there was enough intrigue to take in the live show.  Besides, when it comes to music in this corner of the Mid-Atlantic, you take what you can get.  So la esposa de Cazador and I took the family truckster to The National for the live show.

Arrival:  Are we here on the right night?  Are we sure this isn’t some high school graduation?  Where are the people our age?  Have I been listening to a band that only attracts 14 year olds?  At least the line at the bar won’t be long.

The actual concert was quite enjoyable.  Tokyo Police Club had a nice set and got a good reception.  I found the music enjoyable.  Lyrically it was a little touch-and-go, but overall a thumbs up.  Passion Pit took the stage to lots of smoke, lights and girlish screaming (from boys and girls).  The intrigue about all the sounds and the voice were quickly answered.  They pulled it off.  Entirely.  It could have been awful . . . that’s the just the nature of Angelakos’ voice . . . but it worked.  Everything was sonically sound (see what we did there?).

Highlight:  Mid-song – halfway through the set – Angelakos abruptly stops the music, begins pointing into the crowd signaling whomever to stop a fight that had broken out in the crowd.  The bouncers did their job and bounced an unhappy teen to the mean streets of Richmond, VA.  The band, somewhat confused, decided to simply start the same song from the beginning.  TAKE IT FROM THE TOP!  Nice move.  Oh, and due to all the “Xs” on hands, the lines at the bar were awesome.  Thanks to the lovely bartender for remembering my beer order and filling my order from three deep in the line on more than one occasion.

Lowlight:  Bro, there was so much f’n brahsome brosefs hugging and touching non-stop.  La esposa thinks some underage drinking might have contributed (bros might have iced bros).  Not me, no ma’am.  I think America’s teenage boys have been largely exposed to the fads of “metrosexual” and “hipster” and they’re stuck aimlessly in the middle.  Unfortunately, it’s a douchey, stupid “middle” for anyone to inhabit, but far too many of our youngsters are there.  We also saw co-ed teenage dancing that lacked rhythm and could have occasionally qualified as sexual assault.  “Grinding” would be a far too gentle term.  It was like a two person mosh pit, but contact was limited to the area between the belly button and the knee.  “Trunk slamming sans rhythm” might be a better description.

All in all, we were entirely out of our element.  Plus, we managed to have a great time.  The lesson:  Don’t be scared.  Embrace the oddity.  The kids are alright, too.  They’ll figure it out.  They always do.  Hope springs eternal.

We scoured youtube for something more appropriate with regard to the bands we SAW, but being 17 must inhibit the ability to shoot concert footage while holding the camera still (it’s the digital drugs, I bet).  Passion Pit’s live youtube provisions are nauseating.  Since we can’t administer cyber Dramamine (or can we?), we’re going with this one instead.

INLE DEDICATION:  A group from my generation sings a song from another generation with this dedication for the next generation.

Don’t fuck it up, brah.

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One thought on “INLE Reviews Passion Pit, High Schoolers, 2010

  1. Davidson Co. Don Corleone says:

    I think it’s all just a sign of the coming bropocalypse.

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