INLE World Cup Musical Mention

It is unequivocally, without question, the most important sporting event in the world.  It starts tomorrow.  INLE is excited.

We believe that “eclectic” is “for winners” and it seems that the World Cup runs parallel.  National, cultural, geographic, and religious diversity come together in one place – perhaps not “together” in the sense of appreciation and understanding – but together as “in the same area for the same event and with one central focus.”  No . . . the focus isn’t foreign prostitution.  The focus is sport.  

As important as music is to us – and to the general population of the world – it’s not a stretch to say that music has been and will continue to be an important footnote to this event (ha.  footnote.  /pats self on back).  We’re going to run through some of our favorites, highlight this year’s selection and run our wordy, wordy mouths on all of it.

Here goes.

No time like the present to recognize the present.  K’naan got the nod for his song Wavin’ Flag off his second album Troubadour.  This, despite much confusion (looking at you ESPN with your awesome BUT confusing U2 promos), is the official 2010 World Cup theme song.

Now onto some fun stuff from years past.  Remember Ricky Martin?  Oh, 1998.  What a time.  Remember how <insert personal opinion of Ricky Martin here> he was?  I know, right!  Well this is what started it all (in terms of crossover / US success).  He was a big deal already in lots of other places.   Go, go, go.  His cup of life runneth over.  Here we go.  En español, por supuesto.

Our next one is less-known (and not the official song), but it was hard not to notice four years ago at the end of EVERY game.  The Village People‘s (yes, The Village People’s) Go West was reworked (via a better 1993 cover by The Pet Shop Boys) and made into Stand Up (Champions Theme) for the 2006 World Cup in Germany.  The Pet Shop Boys, in a move of complete brilliance, enhanced the Pachabel’s Canon chord progression AND infused some of the former Soviet National Anthem.  Um, yes.  Thank you, Englishmen.  That works just fine.  If you haven’t heard those, you need to stop now and click here and here respectively.  We’re guessing that if you’ve ever been to a wedding and/or seen Rocky IV, you’re covered.  Both are amazing.  After all this cross-pollination, Patrizio Buanne put this finalized version down and FIFA put it in your ears CONSTANTLY for a month in 2006.  Victorious it sounded, victorious twas.

And the finale!  America.  Fuck.  Yeah.  We like our chances to – at the very least – see the second round.  The kits (uniforms) are fantastic, the management (coaching) is good AND we’ve got world class talent up front.  If the back can stay together, we’re enthused about this World Cup.  In 1994, the World Cup came to America.  And who better to drop knowledge in the most American way?  Daryl F’n Hall!  Damn right.  It just feels American.  Here’s Gloryland.  U.  S.  A.

Note:  For a more aggressive (and satirical) World Cup “turn it up when the US scores song” go here.  Please.  It’s awesome.

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