Kickstart: Manchester Orchestra

Oh, Atlanta.  Atlanta-based Manchester Orchestra plays Bonnaroo tonight (7:15, The Other Tent).  The festival just so happens to be in Manchester, TN.  All those things came together for a fairly obvious hint.  Given those very things, we wanted to rock the start of your Thursday.

INLE Bonnaroo Update:  Our correspondent and friend is on the ground in Central Tennessee and we expect to hear wonderful words from him very soon.  We’re hoping to give you some real time updates over the weekend, but the major recap will come direct from the source sometime next week.

Let the scream and the rock pick you up this morning.  Around the 2:50 mark, planets begin their alignment and the band takes you through 2+ minutes of awesome.  It’s emotional tumult and beauty all rolled together in a burrito of sound.

It’s Thursday morning . . . probably best to go ahead and shake it out.

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