We’ll be updating this post as much as possible throughout the weekend.  This assumes:  We’re available / able to put it up + we continue to get them from our field correspondent.  It could get tricky.  Avoid the brown acid.  La esposa is setting up a MASH unit in the backyard just in case . . . Whaaaa?  It’s your own trip, maaaaaannnnnn.

Friday Evening, Overall impressions / Jay Electronica:

Jay Elec-Subpar.  Bonnaroo is kinda like Panama City Beach Spring Break with friendlier meatheads and a LOT more hippies.  Rock on.

Midnight Friday, Communications / Promises:

Cell service poor at best.  Full update in a few hours.

We referred to Manchester, TN as East Jesus Nowhere not all that long ago.  We should’ve considered this.  Crud.

No worries.  We’re dispatching our INLE Mojo.  It’s a very high-tech machine that transmits pages over the telephone. It only takes eighteen minutes a page.  We’ll be JUST fine, thankyouvermuch.

Last day / early evening:

Man, Bonnaroo is a real marathon

We did our best to provide motivation and encouragement.  It worked.  More arrived.

Country music singers / country music drinking:

Kris Kristofferson and Jamey Johnson just tried to sing a duet, but Jamey was drunk and forgot the words.  The crowd loved it.

Phoenix into DMB / seating / ass shakin’:

We sacrificed a good spot at DMB for an awesome spot at Phoenix.

Agreed.  Good move.

Phoenix amazing, but we left early anyway.  It’s a beautiful evening for some DMB.  Haven’t seen them since American Baby.

When did Jimi Thing turn in Sexy Mufucka Shakin’ Dat Ass?

And that, friends, is how we closed real-time communications at Bonnaroo.  Seems fitting.

/sexily shakes dat ass


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