Weekender: Kings of Leon, Kid Cudi and Clint Dempsey (Deuce)

Bonnaroo, the world’s largest sporting event with the most anticipated first-round game (DTOM), summer, friends, awesome, incredible, etc?

INLE is on the ground listening to Jay Electronica at the very moment this is being posted.  Amazing.  Thanks, flux capacitor.

Two from Bonnaroo TODAY!  In order of the performances.  The third?  You have to watch it at youtube, but we suggest you make the cyber journey.

People told us “slow your roll,” we’re screaming out “fuck that.”  We wish you all a wonderfully safe, victorious and pleasant weekend.  Don’t tread.

UPDATE:  Timely stuff, I guess.  The night before he was included in the Weekender, Kid Cudi got mad.  And arrrested.  Later, the very incredible Clint Dempsey leveled the scoreboard with the US’ only goal against England.  We did well, right?

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