Links: Live Sounds, Newish Music, Consonance

It’s like being there without the contact high, body odor or crowds . . . and we agree that it’s not nearly as much fun.  However, you can still hear lots and lots of it here.  [NPR]

Weezer with a timely release of a US MNT World Cup dedication.  [Pitchfork]

Sir Paul with a cool way to shutdown the Isle of Wight festival [NME]

SPIN arriving with their Bonnaroo coverage.  We don’t see a top-<insert number> list of best <insert criteria> anywhere, but we’re sure they’re working on it since they heart enumerated lists.  [SPIN]

IndieRockCafe with some newer releases you might not have heard about + might want to listen to.  [IRC]

We’ve always had an affinity for the G major chord.  What does that mean?  Someone study it!  [NPR]

Some good links up there.  We’ll be steadily working this week and hope to have the full INLE Bonnaroo recap, experience and op-ed ready for later this week.  Until then we’ll just keep these here shinguards taped into our socks and operate as normal (or totally f’n sensational). 

Here’s a vid from Bonnaroo to give you some sonic provisions for today.  The live band rap concert is truly remarkable.  Jay-Z kills, it seems.  We only decided to post this here at about the 4:00 minute mark when we saw the personification of eclectic.  Yes . . . that’s a Pink Floyd t-shirt . . . up front . . . hands up . . . and jumping. 


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