New Music: Cee-Lo + Mixtape

All credit for this post to INLE friend and commenter, Dave.  The tip was a great one.  Over the last 15 years (damn.  gettin’ old.), there have been a significant number of artists that can be accurately described as “experimental” and “influential.”  Of these, INLE would argue that Cee-Lo is among the 1 – most underrated and 2 – among the best.  Whether it was his contribution to Goodie Mob (if you don’t know it, you should find time), his solo work or his work with Danger Mouse collectively as Gnarls Barkley, Cee-Lo has been taking sound and musical experience and bending it, twisting it and making it sound new . . . but at the same time familiar.  Not an easy task, for sure.

Dave tipped us off to the newly available Cee-Lo and Atlanta radio icon Greg Street’s mixtape titled Stray Bullets.  His upcoming album Lady Killer was put together amongst significant content – so much apparently that there were leftovers.  These leftovers, now the mixtape, just missed making the album, hence the name Stray Bullets

Our suggestion?  Get to know this mixtape and get excited about the upcoming Lady Killer album (note:  we shared this link a couple of weeks back to a new track).  You can download Stray Bullets here.  We’ve got some preview-like provisions below. 

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