Timeless and Timely: Like a Rolling Stone + 2Pac

We’re bringing eclectic back.  It’s the new black . . . but black’s still the new black.  Dammit.  Well whatever is the new thing, eclectic is phenomenal and we’re doing our best to stay squarely lodged in “phenomenal.”

June 16, 1965.  New York, NY.  Columbia Recording Studios.  Everyone knows this one.  It’s certainly timeless and because it was recorded today, it’s so very much “timely” for our little blog here.  Bob Dylan.  Today a classic was cut.  Like a Rolling Stone.

June 16, 1971.  Lesane Parish Crooks was born into the world.  He would later change his name to Tupac Amaru Shakur . . . and would be known nearly everywhere as 2Pac.  Today would have been his 39th birthday.  Posthumous birthday wishes are unfortunately far too common here, but here we are with another one.  Everyone should know the deal by now: Posthumous birthdays get an extra musical provision.  Happy birthday, Pac.


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