New Music: Big, Big Week

Go crazy, kiddos.  We made fun of our own new music round-ups last Thurday, but last week was last week.  This week of new music is a killer in the best way possible.  We’ve got a little something for everyone down below.  Obviously with this much that we’ve found, there’s bound to be something missing.  We’re also hoping this week to refine our earlier mentions of what new music we’re most looking forward to. 

No saving the best and baddest for last.  We’ve talked a lot about this 8 person act from Atlanta, Georgia since INLE’s inception.  The Constellations, whether it’s your sound or not, seem to stand for what we love:  Eclectic and mind-blowing musical influence and diversity.  With 8 members, the influences are bound to be deep and wide.  To boot, their live show is excellent (ENERGY ENERGY DANCEABLE SWEATY ENERGY).  The debut album, Southern Gothic, is already available on iTunes despite a official release date of June 22.  Get an early start.

Stars are back with a new one in The Five Ghosts.  Canadian electro pop, it is . . . and we’re into it.  I would expect that Amy Millan hears Emily Haines (Metric) comparisons ad nauseum, but it’s an easy jump from one to the other.  Most of Stars’ members double as members of Broken Social Scene (yes, yes, yes!), but honestly I’m almost certain that we’ve performed with Broken Social Scene a time or two.  They would have never known.  Our tamborine playing is exquisite.  Anyway, Stars is good shit and worth checking out.

Kele Okereke (or just Kele), frontman for Bloc Party, strikes out on his first solo effort, The BoxerThump, thump, thump.  I’ve liked Bloc Party from the word “go,” but as much as they’ve progressed in their relatively short career, Kele seems to have continued his own progression towards a new (and somewhat “different”) sound.  It does invite movement of the head bobbing / dancy variety, yes?

SWITCHBACK!  Herbie Hancock (legend) brings us The Imagine Project this week.  Here’s the formula Legend + classic songs + some of today (and yesterday’s) best = WHY THE F NOT?  Tomorrow Never Knows (Beatles, Revolver) feat. Dave MatthewsDon’t Give Up (Peter Gabriel + Kate Bush, 1986) feat. Pink and John LegendThe Times They Are A Changin’ feat The Chieftains?  Additional guest spots by Derek Trucks, Jeff Beck, Chaka Khan, James Morrison and Los Lobos to name a handful?  Thank you, sir.  That will do just fine. 

INLE FUN HERBIE HANCOCK STORY:  I met Herbie Hancock at some dingy music venue in Mobile, Alabama in October of 1998.  He’d just finished opening and accompanying Dave Matthews Band earlier that summer and I had caught the show.  I said hello and shared a complimentary word.  He seemed genuinely grateful that someone with a full head of hair recognized him in a crowded room and said “hello.”  Damn, I miss that full head of hair.

The Roots.  Quite simply, the live band hip-hop performance has been tried endlessly for quite some time.  Jay-Z seems to have gotten it right, but with all due respect to Young H.O., The Roots should get some significant credit for perfecting things.  Their’s is rap that rocks.  The Roots are back with thoughtful, thumping and rocking words of wisdom.  If you’d like a complete preview before you buy, they’re streaming the new album, How I Got Over, on their myspace page.

We made mention of this release earlier this summer.  John Prine is simply bad ass.  If you don’t know enough about him, please check in on him.  Stud songwriter.  This tribute album, Broken Hearts and Dirty Windows: Songs of John Prine, is going to be incredible.  Here’s a taste of those paying tribute:  Connor Oberst, My Morning Jacket, Old Crow Medicine Show, The Avett Brothers, Drive-By Truckers, Deer Tick and Justin Townes Earle.  There’s more, too.  Incredible?  I have no doubt.  David Letterman will make the necesssary introductions for us.  Thanks, Dave.  Glad you could lend us a hand.

Miley Cyrus‘ new one comes out this week.  We truly could not give less of a shit, either.  Some others of note:  Chemical Brothers, Derek Trucks Band, Eminem, and Sia.  If we missed anything else noteworthy, go right ahead and let us know.


2 thoughts on “New Music: Big, Big Week

  1. c-note says:

    I believe Drake’s album dropped this week…maybe it was last? Per the words of David A. Denoff “Drake’s album is goooood. Eminem’s……is GREAT!” Take it for what it’s worth. Haven’t heard much of either except the singles that have spanned the airwaves and well, that ain’t much for me.

    • Cazador says:

      Eminem’s new album . . . the Frosted Flakes of rap new releases. I’m hearing mixed reviews on Eminem’s new one. Perhaps the haters like their hip-hop with a little more “drug addiction” and little less “clean living.”

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