Timeless and Timely: Fleetwood Beck

We know we probably miss some significant birthdays, but when we acknowledge ’em, we like to think we’re getting our money’s worth.  Today is no different.  Not one, but TWO significant musical birthday mentions.

MICK FLEETWOOD!  How any drummer since has managed NOT to have a beard, I don’t know.  Drug addiction?  Indeed.  Affairs?  You betcha!  Contributing to dysfunction in your awesome band?  No doubt.  Let’s give credit where it’s due, though.  Mick was the only one to stay through ALL the Fleetwood Mac lineup changes.  I guess that’s what happens when your name is in the band name.  Mick’s turning 63 today.  Happy birthday, you bearded, drumming man’s man. 

Here’s one from 1982*.  You can almost definitely hear the cocaine.  Things approach “scary as hell” and “demonic Christopher Lloyd” around the 2:25 mark, but we do love this song. 

*The USC Marching Band version was not provided due to a recent NCAA ruling on USC’s cheating ways.

Second birthday mention goes to a an absolute Guitar God.  Today Jeff Beck celebrates his 66th birthday.  Well . . . we assume he’ll celebrate it.  He might just get angry, smash a guitar and blame the amp or pedal or something.  While the temper and the destructive nature of his musical frustrations are well documented, we were relieved to learn that all the angst was just an off-shoot of his attempts at perfection.  Nobody’s perfect, but INLE thinks Jeff Beck’s geetar work is pretty close. 

Note:  We’re pretty sure the bass player is Cassandra from Wayne’s World.

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