Weekend Review: MJ. Bruising.

New week and I’m certain there are new sounds to come, but I wanted to make a belated mention of the anniversary of the untimely passing of Michael Jackson.  Monday seems like the right day to wallow in depressing things, but it’s also a better time to celebrate a life (because any excuse to celebrate ANYthing on a Monday should be embraced). 

There’s nothing we can say here that hasn’t already been said about his influence, timeless musical contributions and longevity of both.  Picking my favorite song is tough, but this one’s definitely up there . . . very close to the top.  Human Nature from Thriller (track 3 on side two), but shown below from This Is It.  He still had it.

In lighter and more “HA-HA, Cazador, you’re an idiot” news, your INLE majority contributor found out this weekend what it’s like to run . . . no . . . sprint . . . full speed . . . di-rectly into the ground.  We found the youtube clip below, which would accurately demonstrate my fall when prefaced with the following: 

  1. Imagine the girl in black is a 6’1″, 200-pound man
  2. Imagine my speed to be at least 50% faster than hers off the bat (I was getting to that finish line, dammit)
  3. Imagine the landing zone to resemble something closer to cement lawn pavers

I didn’t get up as quickly as she did either.  Suffice it to say, INLE is stiff, sore and very likely to be colorfully bruised in the coming day or two.  Here’s a meaningful one (for me) to start your week off from Elvis Costello.  Deep knee bends and deep breaths, kids.  Holiday weekend is around the corner.  Stay cool out there. 


One thought on “Weekend Review: MJ. Bruising.

  1. davidsoncodoncorleone says:

    I imagine that it looked (and sounded) something like the :33 mark of this-

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