Perhaps: There’s Nothing Good In Your Netflix Queue

If you’ve run out of things to add to your Netflix queue OR if you’re wandering around the Blockbuster (they still have those?) or Hollywood Video (never been there, hear they’re insanely not awesome), we’ve got a suggestion.  It’s not new.  It’s actually just short of one year old, but we finally dragged ourselves away from the computer long enough to watch it.

And oh, sweet thing that we did because it was incredible.  It Might Get Loud is a documentary directed and produced by Davis Guggenheim (Director, An Inconvenient Truth, Waiting for Superman).  The movie was already great because it’s similarly named to our little slice of internet heaven.  Besides that completely unimportant fact, the meat of the flick is free range, superbly seasoned and juicy.  It’s delicious watching, really.

It Might Get Loud is a documentary on the electric guitar.  Sounds like a History Channel filler show until you realize that the documentary is told through the personal stories and experiences of Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White.  I know.  We’ll recap.  Jimmy Page.  The Edge.  Jack White. 

“Holy shit” is right. 

They take you through all three mens’ upbringings with a focus on the guitar, what it meant to them, what it did for them, how it made them (not just musically) into whatever it is they’ve become.  Infused to the back stories is a summit-type sit down . . . the three men talking together, playing together . . . all unscripted.  Three generations, three different types of players, all with a common bond.  It sounds so simple . . . and I suppose it is . . . but it has a complexity to it as well.  It’s hard to describe. 

I was left with a much better understanding of how Jimmy Page become a rock guitar God.  The Edge and U2 have been the band almost-constantly evolving and that becomes clear after seeing this, too.  But what was I categorically blown away by?  Jack White.  If there was any doubt about the impact Jack White has had and is continuing to leave on rock music, for me, this removed any and all doubt. 

No spoiler, but when you watch it, take a look at Jack White’s and The Edge’s face when Jimmy Page plays Whole Lotta LoveTheir faces say an incredible amount without uttering a sound.  Oh hell, we’ll just show you.  Here’s that clip, plus the trailer.  It Might Get Loud.


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