Guilty Pleasure Treasure: Throwing Caution To The Wind

Debut of a category I’ve been kicking around since INLE renamed the internet the “incrediblenet.” Or not.  Since we’ve been pondering it for so long, there are multiple entries on the debut.  I should probably define “Guilty Pleasure” for our use.  It’s the song that you sing in the shower that you’re damn glad no one heard.  It’s a song you exclaim, after some/several adult beverages, “Oh, man . . . this song’s awesome!”  Then you sing it in a car full of people that know your musical taste is nowhere close to what you’re performing.

GPT Rules:  You can’t be brutally judged if you claim it as a “guilty pleasure.”  You’ve acquitted yourself of any wrongdoing by prefacing the statement correctly.  With that . . . we’re about to ruin whatever imagined musical reputation INLE had.  Lord, I hope the other contributors can pick me up after this (looks at couscous, DCDC and the new guy writing up Phish this weekend).  We’re pushing eclectic to the border of “Oh, hell.”

If you truly love these songs, don’t get mad.  That’s not the point . . . because obviously I like them, too.  Ask yourself if you’d go on the internet and proclaim your ‘love’ of these songs.  I didn’t think so.  That’s why we’re here.  /stares down barrel of internet shotgun death

Going first:  Adam Lambert.  This is what gave birth to the category.  Nothing like being relegated to the backseat of la esposa’s truckster with INLE commenter [name redacted] while belting out Adam Lambert.  I know, I know.  But the guy’s got charisma . . . and eyeliner . . . and other make-upy things I no little about.  Whataya want from me?

Holy crap, what about the first few seconds of that video?  Whoa.

The next entry is one that that’s on the line.  B.o.B. might be for real.  He says that someone else somewhere compared him to Andre 3000.  We’d like a word with that real or imagined person.  I don’t know enough at this point.  Let’s see where this goes.  I do know that Hayley Williams‘ performance of the word “stars” in this song is awesome.  I don’t listen to much Paramore, but that might have to do with the fact that I’m not a sixteen year-old girl.  Either way, she makes the song in my opinion.  STAAARRRRRRRRSSS.  I could really use a wish right now . . . that I hadn’t gone through with this post.  Can you feel the hesitation?  Dammit.

There’s a version out there with Eminem putting a pretty nice verse on Airplanes.  We recommend checking it out if you like the original.

We’re almost done.  Yep.  Gaga.  Can’t help it.  If you sing Alejandro in the shower, do you have to take another shower?  I thought about that for far too long the other morning.  If there were a way to watch the video while showering, is it possible that you could end up dirtier afterward?  I think so.  Either way, this one qualifies based only on its ability to lodge itself FIRMLY between my ears and thump.  Ale-ale-jandro, folks.  You’re going to want hit the 2:15 mark for the actual song.

Is it over yet?  Hope you enjoyed it.  We’ll be back in the mothership control room watching the e-mail subscribers’ mass exodus.  Don’t go quittin’ on us!  Good stuff is in the works for the next couple of weeks.  I just want a cigarette.  Hush.

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3 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure Treasure: Throwing Caution To The Wind

  1. davidsoncodoncorleone says:

    That’s how everyone says “stars” in Williamson County, Tennessee.

  2. […] thought the Guilty Pleasure Treasure post would have destroyed our quaint, cozy, internet home we’ve made.  If that didn’t, […]

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