Holiday Weekender: Glory, Hippie Burritos, Skyward Explosions

Happy Fourth of July weekend, readers!  Any excuse to sing, drink and set things on fire at the same time is a holiday worth celebrating and we hope that you’ll do it big.  Being free is tremendously fun, but it requires responsibility.  On that note, travel safe, take your time, Godspeed.  Oh – and if you’re in Atlanta for the Phish shows, please have a parking lot veggie burrito and a Heineken for us.  We do love the flavor amalgamation of buttery vegetables, a stale tortilla and Dutch beer.  Seriously.  Something heavenly happens. 

We’ve got two for the long weekend.  First up?  A song that should make you want to dance your ass off all weekend.  We’re going back a whole year for this one.  It still works.  Phoenix‘s last album (Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix) is still very much relevant over a year later.  We danced to Lisztomania.  We danced like no one was watching to the Alex Metric remix.  INLE Independence Day analogy?  This song’s a fuse-lit M-80 in a closed hand. 

Second song of the Holiday Weekender?  This one’s for America on her 234th birthday.  The King.  American Trilogy

Roman candles and bottle rockets to all.  Safe travels, adventures, bright colors and freedom for everyone this weekend.  Have fun.


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