Weekend Review: Letting The Days Go By Into The Silent Water

(drags self off of floor, rubs eyes, focuses)

Holy beach beer, kids.  INLE was coastal for the holiday weekend with la esposa and the familia.  The post title says “silent water,” but we promise the silence of the water was offset by loudness on the sand.  I’m closer to declaring, once and for all, that the beach may be the best place to listen (really listen / pay attention) to music.  For me there are fewer distractions.  My beach activity level can be best described as “sedentary.”  Please don’t judge.  Paddle ball, bocce, baggo/cornhole/bean bag toss, frisbees and the like are fine and thumbs up, but I prefer a chair that’s nearly impossible to get out of, a cold beverage, the INLE iPod and the always reliable beach radio with it’s awesome AUX line-in for iPod surfin’ (certainly the only surfing we do whilst beached).  Simple.  Easy to carry.  Effective.

This long weekend was no different.  We were once again inspired.  Here’s a hint for what might be mentioned later in the week.  Enjoy.  If you’re wondering, on more than one occasion we attempted to dance like Mr. Byrne at the 2:o0 minute mark.  More news after Talking Heads rock your soul.

The other super exciting news is that INLE has bamboozled another friend to recount a weekend full of travel, Phish, the southeast, live music, hippies invading the suburbs and new music venues in/around the greater Atlanta metro area.  Hoo.  Ray.  If you’re not excited, please work towards getting that way.

We’re back in the INLE kitchen banging the pots and pans together with hopes that delicious meatloaf will suddenly appear (/meatloaf metaphor’d).

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