New Music: Lucious Leftfoot, AdRad, Silver Seas

Long weekends mean new music arrives sooner.  Not really, but it feels that way.  We were so busy shooting bottle rockets into the ocean (take that, BP) we almost missed a pretty strong week of new music.  Here’s what we’ve tentatively approved thus far (perhaps with more to come).

We approved this as early as late June since it’s been streaming on his myspace page.  Big Boi is back, solo for now, and reminding everyone why Outkast is damn incredible.  We’ve already hit you with the video for Shutterbugg a few weeks back so we’ll show you another sound from Sir Lucious Leftfoot: The Son of Chico Dusty.

The song is General Patton.  Ummm.  Is he sampling Giuseppe Verdi?  Yup.  (slow clap, slower nod)

The Admiral Radley I Heart California album isn’t scheduled for release until next week, but iTunes has it early and NPR is streaming it, too.  Buying music ahead of the release is always fun . . . but please be sure to actually BUY it.  Back to Admiral Radley:  The band is a cross pollination of Grandaddy and Earlimart.  It’s catchy . . . dancey in places . . . long and short, it’s fun.  Here’s the title track.

The Silver Seas put Chateau Revenge into the music world for mass consumption this week, too.  I thought Silver Seas had just released an album, but that was probably some other indie rock band with  “Silver” or “Seas” or “Delta” or whatever in their name (why are there so many?!).  We’ve been putting a touch of this in our ears today and we approve.  Here’s a misleading youtube clip with some incorrect album art, but the song is quite definitely track numero tres on the new one.

UPDATE:  We weren’t previously aware of this one (whoops), but thanks to the shiny visuals of the iTunes store, their aisle-end display of Brandon Boyd and his new solo album The Wild Trapeze piqued our interest.  Incubus was always something I had an ear for.  Brandon Boyd, circa 2000, was my pick for the best, current rock vocalist.  Long and short, the man could and still can belt it out.  Here’s one from The Wild Trapeze.

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