Phish Comes to INLE

We expect them to arrive later today . . . kind of.  INLE is proud to announce our newest contributor.  wolfmansbrother is jumping on the mothership with notes, memories, opinions and a full head of hair to share a weekend spent in America’s southeast watching one of the world’s most well-known live bands. 

We’re working over the posts to give you all the bells and whistles you’ve come to expect.  The pictures (including the one above), for the first time since DCDC’s Bonnaroo reports, will be 100% contributor (and friends’) captured and provided imagery.  It’s like we’re so real when that happens.  Terrificness. 

We’ve got three volumes of concert reviews, stories and observations that we’ll be putting up over the next few days.  Keep checkin’ in.

Here’s a little something for you in the meantime.  Band of Horses‘ newest album (Infinite Arms released way back in May) might not be their best (no one can decide, too many varying opinions), but we definitely like this one.  The “Band of Horses preceding Phish” thing will make more sense in the next few days. 

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