New Music: DangerSparklehorse, Sun Kil Moon, Love Language

We weren’t late on the new music . . . just too busy listening to all of it.  This week’s was a plentiful bounty of tasty tunes.  Here’s a few (or more) we thought suitable to put in your ears.

Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse put together Dark Night of the Soul not so recently (with some visual and sonic aids from one David Lynch).  Through various conflicts with various recording companies, the release has been far too delayed.  Twas so delayed, in fact, that Sparklehorse (aka Mark Linkous) tragically wasn’t able to see its official release.  This album, for all of its incredible-ness, seems marred by tragedy. DCDC and I recently discussed this very thing.  We suggest reading this and this.  And if you don’t know the origin of Dark Night of the Soul as a term?  Go lightly into this one.  Submerse yourself in the album because it’s quite excellent. Every track has someone you know or should get to know (The Flaming Lips, James MercerJulian Casablancas, Black Francis, Jason Lytle, and Vic Chesnutt to name several).

Sun Kil Moon is the side project of singer-songwriter Mark Kozelek.  It’s not loud (enough).  See what we did there?  HOWEVAH,  you need some mood music from time to time and this sounds like a solid suggestion from these parts.  We call these “Sunday morning albums,” which is in no way a dig.  Contemplative, well done and right on.  The new one is Admiral Fell Promises.  Here’s one.

The Love Language is the brainchild of Stuart McLamb.  Libraries is their second album and, to this point, most parts enjoyable.  “Indie pop” is how we’ve seen it described. “Melodic,” too.  Those seem apt.  We won’t pretend those are our own words, but we like the sound of it.

Here’s a few more worth checking out.  School of Seven Bells with Disconnect From Desire, Mystery Jets with Serotonin,  M.I.A. with /\/\/\Y/\ and Curren$y with Pilot Talk.

I know we missed a few (or more), but these jumped out.  We’ll be back for other suggestions as we find them.

INLE REQUEST:  If you know of any new country that doesn’t promote the sadness that is most contemporary country, please let us know. Seriously.  We love the shit out of some good country music, but that’s now called “alternative country.”  What kind of sense does that make?  What would George Jones or Willie Nelson have to do if they were 25 years old right now?  Ugh.  What a horrible thought.  Help us find the goodness.

Holy. Shit.  We may have found some on our own.  AND the video is from our favorite non-commercial radio station near the mothership.  Thanks, WNRN /pats own back  We still need help with more countryish provisions, though.

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