Stealing The Covers: Cee-Lo, No One’s Gonna Love You

We’re going to leave this one relatively short as we don’t want our wordy ways to take away from what’s about to happen.  Cee-Lo covers Band of Horses breakout 2008 track No One’s Gonna Love You.

Oh – and the video?  It’s pretty f’n awesome, too.  Cee-Lo Green covering Band of Horses. Exquisite. 

Note:  Video is NSFW unless brief nudity is something your employer encourages and invites via internet videos.

Thanks to DCDC for pointing this out earlier in the week.  That’s a strong contributory assist.

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4 thoughts on “Stealing The Covers: Cee-Lo, No One’s Gonna Love You

  1. c-note says:

    This song rocked to begin with…this video just rocked my world harder. Finally a video that tells the story of the song. Perfect collaboration!

  2. wolfmansbrother says:

    Wow. Who has more info? Is this an official video? Who did the beat?

  3. davidsoncodoncorleone says:

    Production is from Paul Epworth, he’s produced for Bloc Party and done remixes for lots, and this IS an official video, though I don’t know who directed. Single will be released August 9.

  4. wolfmansbrother says:


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