What’s Your Dog Listening To?

While kicking around the dashboard and minding the control panel, we were blaring various bits of music throughout the night.  Some things attracted AND repelled the INLE pet.  He’s a dog.  We’ll call him “Mr. Biscuits” to protect his precious anonymity. Mr. Biscuits has a tendency to tolerate, hate and like certain music.  These judgements are very uninformed decisions that I and the administrative staff make, but we’re pretty sure that we’re correct based on our ability to understand non-human, animal behavior (the raccoon was a freak thing we completely misplayed, apologies).  Hell.  We have absolutely no idea, but here’s how we gauge things.  Get ready for a special brand of fuckin’ science:

  1. Like:  Enters room, lays down within four to five feet of speaker, seems content
  2. Tolerate:  Stays in room, farther from speaker, looks around as if to say “when are you going to play something I like?”
  3. Hate:  Groans, stares meanly, trots out of the room to go listen to his special collection of Robert Goulet and whatever 70s classic rock he’s into that week

It got us thinking (first time, long time).  We might actually make something out of this. Truth be told, it seems to be a slow-as-shit week for music and instead of writing about how we had nothing to write about (yeah, we’ve done that), we figured 1 – this is quasi-musical and 2 – everyone likes pets.

Here’s one that Mr. Biscuits liked especially.  Pay no attention to the video title.  It’s obviously Genesis.  We really hate when Phil Collins gets more credit via youtube videos than necessary.  Mike Rutherford wrote the f’n song!  Oh – and speaking of these guys, there is a nice documentary (Come Rain or Come Shine) on Genesis available at hulu.  We liked it.

Mr. Biscuits liked this one, too.  Who knew?  DCDC had him pegged for a Dancing In The Dark kinda guy.  That also makes sense.  Mr. Biscuits really likes Jersey rock, America as a whole and rock n’ roll troubadours.  Oh, right.  Those things AND Genesis . . . which seemingly have nothing, at all, in common.  The dog’s more eclectic than we thought.  Could it be contagious?  One hopes.

I thought the Guilty Pleasure Treasure post would have destroyed our quaint, cozy, internet home we’ve made.  If that didn’t, I think we can survive this.   Let us know if you have a pet that runs in the room and dances its ass off when a particular song comes on (if you pay attention to that sort of odd thing).  We don’t actually expect anyone to respond, but that was the original idea.  Oh, dear.  One more day until the Weekender.  Be glad.


One thought on “What’s Your Dog Listening To?

  1. klove says:

    headed to hulu to watch, come ran or come shine!

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