Weekend Review: Family, Fiesta and Links

That grinding sound is INLE powering back up after a truly successful weekend.  By “successful,” we mean hotter than hell complete with upsetting amounts of belly sweat, keg beer and lots of good times.

We’ll be starting on new music mentions soon, but here’s a few things we’ve run across this morning.

Pitchfork has  Daft Punk + the Tron Legacy trailer (of which DP is providing the movie’s soundtrack).  That’s a magical combination for dancey kids from the 80s.  Yes, we are.  [Pitchfork]

Kings of Leon eat pigeon shit?  Oh.  My.  [NME]

Radiohead was working pretty hard on an upcoming album.  Empahsis on “was.”  [Paste]

We spent just about the whole damn weekend outdoors.  This was recorded awhile ago, but the song has a little more meaning exiting this particular weekend.  We could be found in our field of grass.  Jack White played the White House as part of the Paul McCartney tribute earlier this year.  Mother Nature’s Son was the selection. 

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