New Music: Bombay Bikes, Young Galaxy, Strangs + Beats

Just when I wasn’t expecting this week’s new releases to do much, I found all this.  Here’s a quick and dirty rundown of what is new, isn’t new, has been out for a long time and not all that long (/thankyouverymuch). 

Bombay Bicycle Club shows up a few weeks late.  My fault.  Flaws is the second album from this relatively new, British, indie quartet.  Yep.  Not too bad.

Invisible Republic is the latest LP from Young Galaxy.  If you’re Canadian, have friends there or visit regularly . . . OR you illegally downloaded it, you could have listened to this album for almost an entire year.  The US release finally arrives thanks to Paper Bag Records (Stars, Tokyo Police Club, et al).  Young Galaxy seems successfully cut from the sometimes-female-voiced, Canadian indie band cloth.  It’s a thick, wooly cloth designed to keep you warm during the coolish British Columbian winters.

Social Studies is another female-led band we’ve stumbled up on.  Wind Up Wooden Heart is the second album for this San Francisco-based group.  Video’s old and front-loaded with chatty stage goodbyes, but jumping to the 1:20 mark gets right into tunage.

Switching to the hip-hop end of things, we discovered Trek Life residing in the “new” bin.  We’ve always loved the old-school turntable stuff.  This has it, the beats work and the lyrics, from what we’ve heard, win.  The new album is Everything Changed Nothing and here’s one from it.

A fun one to end things.  String quartet and bluegrass tributes are always fun.  We’ve not seen one quite like this, though.  Vitamin String Quartet smacked up Lady Gaga, flipped it and rubbed it down (oh, no).  VSQ has done tributes for Coldplay, Queen and Switchfoot (whaaa?).  They apparently don’t discriminate.  Anyway, this one sounds fun.  Youtube failed us, but iTunes has it

There’s likely a boatload of other stuff we’ll find in the coming weeks.  If you know of something else noteworthy, let us know.  Here’s a quick rundown of other potentially interesting and varied selections:  Tom Jones, Asher Roth‘s got a new single, T.I.‘s got a new single, Jaill has That’s How We BurnAll-in-all, there’s plenty to keep us all occupied.

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