Weekender: Bluegrassy Raconteurs Throwback

We’ve hugged and loved on Jack White, The Raconteurs, et al in the past.  Somehow, in all the platonic displays of affection, we’ve never done this one.  For shame.  For this hot, July weekend we’re gonna infuse some legit cuhn-tree into our Raconteurs rock.

Ashley Monroe (native of a fantastic town called Knoxville, Tennessee) and Ricky Skaggs jumped in and made this amazing song 1 – different and 2 – just as good as the original, but in its own way.  We’ve said it before, but whether you don’t like, like or love Jack White, we think it’s a good idea to at least pay attention when he’s doing something.  You don’t see too many 35-year old musicians getting regularly hit with the “genius” tag.

This one’s nowhere close to new, but we love it.  The Raconteurs get the weekend started.  Safe travels, cold drinks and a relaxing weekend to all.

Note:  After watching this more than three or five times, I’ve decided that Ashley Monroe and Brendan Benson should put together their own side project of awesome duetish muscle.  Rockin’ country with harmony?  (shivers)  I need more George & Tammy, Conway & Loretta, Kenny & Dolly in my life. 

One thought on “Weekender: Bluegrassy Raconteurs Throwback

  1. davidsoncodoncorleone says:

    Well done Cazador. If ever there was as song for a whiskey filled weekend, this is it. Cheers.

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