New Music: Arcade Fire, El-P, Bun-B & More

We’ve celebrated great weeks and cursed slow weeks. If we had our way every week would be like this one. It’s got some serious heat, but not so much that you get overwhelmed and have to spend boatloads of money and time getting familiar with tonage of releases. This week? A couple of must-haves and some others we think could be solid suggestions. Jumping in with a cannonball:

This week Arcade Fire throws their much anticipated The Suburbs into the world for mass consumption. I listened to it yesterday (thanks, NPR). I suggest you run out and consume this massively. I wish that I could find a youtube clip of all 65 minutes of the album. It doesn’t seem fair to limit our provision to only one or two songs. That said, we think these two will drive home the point.  Tracks 2 and 3, back to back.  Ready to Start and Modern Man.

Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band is a Seattle-based, five piecer releasing their second full-length LP, Where the Messengers Meet.  We’ve spent a little time with this one. Methinks it’s one that might have to grow on you, but it seems to have enough to do just that. Here’s one we liked from the aforemented Where the Messengers Meet.  Track 2, Leaving Trails.

Bun-B.  Most well-known as half of UGK (RIP Pimp C).  INLE contributor DCDC put us on this particular song last week as a run-up to the release of  Bun-B’s new album Trill O.G. Thanks for the heads up, sir.  It’s a winner.

El-P.  Instrumental hip-hop and dance.  That’s the abridged version on how best to describe his Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixxx3.  El-P is a producer, rapper AND record label CEO.  Here’s one from his latest.

Finally, while we have everyone’s attention, I wanted to send a short musical shout-out to INLE’s first contributor.  Ever.  Couscous celebrates another year of tunes, good times and dance parties.  From the rest of the INLE family to couscous: Happy Birthday, sir.


One thought on “New Music: Arcade Fire, El-P, Bun-B & More

  1. really nice work from you. I like most of the groups too.

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