Timeless and Timely: James Hetfield

We’re plowing around the shelves and bins for the good pieces of new music this week, but until we’re fully fleshed out and flexing our well-oiled “new music muscle,” we’re saying “Happy Birthday” to one James Alan Hetfield. You might say. . .wait for this one . . . we’ve had this one tee’d up for days . . .  James Hetfield is our hero of the day.

/not so subtly making Metallica references in the lamest way possible

MOVING ON!  James Hetfield, co-founder of Metallica, main songwriter for Metallica and sometimes scary-as-hell incrediperformer turns 47 today. Metallica and I have had kind of an odd relationship over the years. I wasn’t especially fond of the music at the height of its popularity. The main reason? Most of the older kids that really loved Metallica would pick on me on the school bus. Of all the awesome reasons to judge a musical group, right? Whatever. I was 12. Those kids were dicks and their Metallica t-shirts gave me a horribly passive way to hate them via Metallica and whatever other black, heavy metal t-shirt they were wearing. These were the same guys that would crucify another kid for wearing a the white …And Justice For All t-shirt.

Dude, that shirt sucks.  It’s white.  It’s dumb.

Ah yes!  Never at a loss for an intelligent word, those boys. I digress. At some point I was able to re-introduce myself to Mr. Hetfield and Metallica. Suddenly I realized that those kids on the bus, despite their bad behavior and amplified angst, were actually listening to some good stuff.  Forty-seven years on Earth, most of it rocking worlds. Despite my late attendance to the Metallica party, I’m glad to say I made it . . . even if I might be wearing a white shirt.

Here’s two because I owe it to James since I spent too many years hating his band for no reason.  /ashamed

And here’s a performance that pushed me back to realizing Metallica’s awesomeness (thanks, Mattingly’s Moustache . . . we always did love the symphony).

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One thought on “Timeless and Timely: James Hetfield

  1. Mattingly's Moustache says:

    This song reminds of a strip club I went to in Granite City!

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