Weekender: Young Jeezy, Mr. 17.5

The Weekender gets a dedication this week.  Somewhere in St. Louis a close friend of INLE is throwing a tremendous, matrimonial party with his bride, family and friends.  We’ll be there, but we’re confident the reception’s not ready for this one so we’re providing it here.  Congratulations to the happy couple.  Rap well, kids.

In other midwestern news, Lollapalooza will be rocking Chicago this weekend.  INLE has friends on the ground, but we’re making no promises for content. There may be entirely too much dancin’, shakin’, and move makin’ for notes to be taken . . . bacon.  Rhyme time = fun.

Alrighty folks.  Same message as always:  Have a tremendous weekend, travel safe if you’re mobile and fill your ears to the brim with some toe-tap and/or head-nod.  Young Jeezy has a new album coming out soon, but we’re reaching back a minute to pull Mr. 17.5 off of 2006’s The Inspiration.  This one’s for the groom.


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