Timeless and Timely: Remember Two Things

There’s always the potential to overlap categories, but recently we’ve noticed it happening more and more with our posts.  Well here’s another one.  We’re making a beautiful love child between Timeless and Timely and Forget Me Not.  We hope it has the beauty of one and the even-natured temperament of the other . . . or something like that.

Seventeen years ago tonight, Dave Matthews Band played at The Flood Zone in Richmond, Virginia.  They recorded all of it and some of that night’s performance lent itself to the band’s first full length release Remember Two Things.

In looking around for something that would work, we found some very, very cool clips on youtube.  We’ll throw one or two of those down below, but if you want more head here.  Tonight, if you feel so motivated, ponder the distance these guys have traveled since 1992 or 1993.  Old-school suggestions from Cazador?  Blue Water (aka Blue Water Baboon Farm), Boyd’s True Reflections, Help Myself and maybe Spotlight or an old version of Granny where the words are nowhere close to what most people recall.  Awesome.

Here’s one we know was recorded this night in 1993.  The first clip below is from five or so years later, but Bela Fleck is jumping in to make things just a shred grassier.  Recently is the song.  We tripped over some other old fun . . . it follows.

And I just wanted to throw this in because Carter’s my favorite.  SO-LO!

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One thought on “Timeless and Timely: Remember Two Things

  1. kipton says:

    david looks so hungry

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