Lost: Pearl Jam, Yellow Ledbetter

I was tooling around the Twitter page last week.  We saw duckduckgeese opining about a “best song about a letter.”  I was busy at the time and didn’t get a chance to listen, but I immediately thought of this one.  I also interpreted “letter” to mean a written notification of something to someone.  There’s a chance DDG’s reference was to a “letter” as a symbol of a phoenetic intent used in reading and writing.  I came up with that definition on my own.  Phoenetic intent.  Huzzah. Regardless, HT to DDG for jogging my memory.

ANYWAY! Our latest contribution to the Lost category wasn’t a hidden track, but was a Pearl Jam B-side on the Jeremy single. It’s our favorite Ten leftover and we can only assume it was left off the album because it has a two-word song title. Even Flow and Why Go made it, but clearly there was something quite special for the PJ boys about packaging three to four minutes of music into a one-word thesis. 

There’s a helluva guitar solo on the way.  Try to write down the lyrics.  I’m almost certain you won’t be right.  Don’t look it up on the internet either.  Those are probably wrong too.  You can thank one Edward Louis Severson III (errr, Vedder) for that.  Yellow Ledbetter.  Unsealed on a porch a letter sat . . .


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