Kickstart: Arcade Fire, Suburban War

Today’s Kickstart isn’t necessarily a “killer” in the sense that it makes you want to kick in doors and set your week ablaze with success, but it is an amazing song. We’ve spent a lot of time the last week or so cozying up to Arcade Fire‘s The Suburbs. It seems to keep getting better.

You might have heard that Arcade Fire landed at the top of the Billboard charts in their first week with their latest. Regardless of how you feel about Arcade Fire and/or their new album, their going to #1 is a big win for talent, musicianship and artistry. Maybe there’s hope after all.

This one is Suburban War.  It’s a thought-provoking, lyrical gem . . . and then around 3:20, the song moves in the most otherworldly kind of way. The live version might be more of a true Kickstart, but now that you have the link, you can decide for yourself.  Two drum sets? Right? That’s never an awful idea.

In other news, we found something pretty awesome this weekend and we’ll be sharing it later this week.  We might debut a new category as well.  Oh – and hope springs eternal that DCDC will come through with some words to describe The Black Keys experience from last week (we hope those words might include “bacon,” “egg,” or “cheese”).  Here’s to a successful Monday.


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