New Music: Geographer, Matthew Dear, David Gray

A nice week of new music thus far. We’re still jumping around the interwebs listening to this or that, but here’s a start and we’ll update it if or when we trip on something terrific. Here goes:

Geographer jumps in first with their newest Animal Shapes. This trio from San Francisco lists the likes of Aphex Twins, Paul Simon, Joy Division, Andrew Bird, Radiohead and Bjork among their influences. That’s a nice list, says we.  Here’s track 7, Kites.

Matthew Dear is up next with Black CityPitchfork reviewed it quite favorably, but heed their warning. If you heard any of Dear’s 2007 release Asa Breed, this one’s . . . well . . . it’s scarier, I guess? Still good. Here’s your electro/indie/funk contribution to our new music list. This one’s track 5, Soil to Seed.

We’re moving now. We’re moving a ways. David Gray. Remember him? PERSONAL NOTE: One of my favorite concert / music documentaries is this one. Incredible stuff. He never really went anywhere, but one might argue the flame burns lower and quieter these days. Perhaps. The lyrical content is still right on, though. Foundling is the latest product. He’ll be touring with Ray LaMontagne this fall, which seems to be a nice pairing. Unfortunately, Youtube was shockingly absent on actual album provisions so here’s one from the iTunes Deluxe album offering (although not as good as the real stuff), A Moment Changes Everything

We’re jumping out (for now) with Darker My Love.  Their new album Alive As Your Are is the third full-length LP from this LA-based quintet. We don’t have a video to share, but head here and listen to Split Minute

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