Hip-Hop Math: Regulate

Debut of a new category, kids.  Hip-Hop Math.  We’re going to provide the mathematical symbols between clips to give you our take on what’s involved in that classic hip-hop song you love.  This could prove to be a lot of fun – and for us – it’s quick and easy, which encourages more INLE content.  MORE CONTENT, PLEASE!  If nothing else, we’re providing the road map to blowing party guests’ minds when you drop the originally sampled song instead of what they thought it was. 

“AWWW, HELL!  Here comes that Regulate jam!  I used to steal cigarettes from my uncle when I heard this song!”

“Um.  No.  It’s Michael McDonald.  Your uncle used to steal spliffs from your grandpa when he heard THIS song.”

So off we go.  Warren G. featuring Nate Dogg.  1994.  Regulate.





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4 thoughts on “Hip-Hop Math: Regulate

  1. Kiefer says:

    You won’t see me complaining about 90’s rap. This synopsis is pretty mega…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regulate_(song)

  2. wolfmansbrother says:

    The cover to the Michael McDonald album kills me. Good thing I wasn’t trying to make it as an artist in the early 80’s, I don’t have the facial hair.

    • Cazador says:

      With your thick coif of well-kept hair, you’d have been just fine. It would have been more unfortunate, in general, to have to “make it as an artist in the 80’s.”

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