Weekender: Wolf Parade, Ghost Pressure

Well hey there, Friday. So beautiful to see you again. Tell Thursday we said “hi” and thanks for the drinks.

Weekend has arrived and we’re dancing around and nodding along to this one. We figured you could too. Wolf Parade got some love here with the release of Expo 86 earlier this summer. Our Weekender for this week comes from that exact collection of music. The song is Ghost Pressure. It provides the following, terrific lyric:

I know they’re dancing there invisibly

Damn. Straight. The only way to dance is to pretend you ARE invisible. No one’s watching . . . and if they are they shouldn’t be BECAUSE THEY SHOULD BE DANCING! And even if they aren’t, you shouldn’t care what those people think of you  . . . if they’re willing to sit there . . . in judgement of you . . . whilst standing still during danceable fun. They will lose in life.

We’re getting preachy. Sorry. The summer’s winding down, but that’s no excuse to throttle back. Safe travels, cold drinks and happy ears to all. Wolf Parade’s gonna shake you up now.


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