Seasonal Update: Long-Sleeves, New Designs, New Music

In the spirit of autumn’s inevitable descent on the waning days and weeks of warm weather (Oktoberfest Beers and long sleeves, bitches!), we’re considering making a few changes. We want everyone to be prepared ahead of time. We don’t want anyone to assume they’ve incorrectly navigated cyberwebspace to some adware-filled, musical bestiality haven of audio terrorists . . . or anything like that. What the fuck is an “audio terrorist?”  Yep.

The first change will likely be the most impactful to the reader experience.  We’re toying around with some changes to the site design. While we still love the original, clean and happy views we created day one, there’s a need to shake things up (corporate cliché analogy: if you aren’t moving ahead, you’re falling behind /grrrrwhatever). We change our clothes almost every day so the site deserves a change as well. 

We don’t HAVE to take our clothes off to have a good time, but . . . we don’t like cherry wine.

Another change? We still stand on the foundation of positivity and promotion of all things awesome.  We aren’t giving in to simply ripping the all-too-large group of “suck” that IS very much present out there. HOWEVAH – You might notice an occasional increase in what could be termed “snarky” or “humorously critical.” We really love putting our best (and nicest) foot forward, but on occasion we – as most people – can be tremendous assholes that launch into damning rants with little regard for the feelings of those in earshot. We might let that shine through just a little more.  Oooh.  Edgy.

The last change? Easy. All the incredible new music coming out over the next three months.  If you’re reading this while standing, 1 – your internet habits are unique and 2 – you better sit down.  Here’s a short list of new albums hitting ears in September, October and November: Interpol, Of Montreal, The Walkmen, No Age, Deerhunter, Weezer, Brandon Flowers, TI, Kings of Leon, Kid Cudi, Matt and Kim, Chromeo, Young Jeezy and more.  Holy hell.  There’s a lot to like in this list and there will, no doubt, be even more to find, love and listen to.

So that’s the latest.  Stay with us, spread the word if you think we’re deserving and please keep sending the feedback, suggestions, requests, tips, etc here, here or even here.  All of our earlier “no point other than typey-type” posts end the same way. The Beatles.  Sure, we’ve got some things happening, but nothing’s really going to change our world. 

Ed Note: The idea of working Jermaine Stewart + The Beatles into the same post is both upsetting and indescribably fantastic.
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