Lost: Paul Thorn, Joanie the Jehovah Witness Stripper

That trapdoor sound you heard is underneath us. It turns out that as soon as this posts, we might go directly to Hell (where Smash Mouth and Nickelback would be the never ending soundtrack). Some of our closest and dearest friends would tell you it’s inevitable, but before we seek salvation, we’re going to share this one.

If you’re into Americana-singer-songwriterish stuff, Paul Thorn is someone you should already know.  If you don’t, well . . . <INLE grin>. Aside from being a great live act (we’ve heard), Mr. Thorn has exquisite taste in writing and naming songs. Joanie the Jehovah Witness Stripper is an incredible song title. It was a hidden track on Thorn’s 1997 album Hammer + Nail.

Forgive the lame youtube video. It’s the equivalent of people doing hand motions to act out songs . . . which no one should ever do. Never. There are no redeeming or allowable circumstances. Put simply, don’t ever do that shit. Deaf people think it’s rude and “showy.”


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