Weekender: Cee-Lo Green Would Like A Word

Actually . . . Make that two words. Pitchfork noted this Weekender‘s “generation-spanning simplicity.” No doubt about that. We strongly suggest that any concern you have about this song and its impression upon the youth of America be quelled with the following query:  Have you seen the youth of America?  We’re, and note the word choice, fucked anyway. We might as well say what we mean and mean what we say. 

In lamer news, the radio version will replace the far more effective word with “forget.” 


That silence was filled with a growing contempt for relatively meaningless language censorship designed around a beauracratic definition of “socially acceptable.” 

Goodness, we’ve gone all “activist” and “1st amendment revolutionary.”  Yes!  To celebrate our involvement in changing the world, we’re going to relax, note the coming evening chill in the air, put on some jeans and have a tasty adult beverage whilst using “adult words” . . . like Cee-Lo!

Travel safe out there, have a great weekend AND?  INLE BONUS!  New weekend-based category is set to debut Sunday morning! Come check it out.

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One thought on “Weekender: Cee-Lo Green Would Like A Word

  1. C-Note says:

    This song rocked my socks all weekend and then I came across this little gem…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nk_zLhKIE24&feature=related

    Not always the biggest 50 Cent fan, but it’s not too bad of a freestlye(if he’s ever freestyled in his life??)

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