Weekender: Long Weekend, The Perfect Occasion

So long, summer. Your enveloping heat, weekly (or bi-weekly) yard work requirements and over-scheduled weekends are set to sail off into the coolish, autumn evening. But before we forsake you for sweatshirts, jeans, thick socks and sad songs, let’s have one more dance, shall we?

Labor Day weekend arrives just in time for everyone to reflect on how little work they’ve done (or tried to get out of) in the last three months.  It’s kinda curious that it comes at the end of summer. Whatever the reason, I’m blowing it out for the Labor Day Weekender.  Three songs, kiddos. We put our “eclectic” muscle t-shirt on for this one.

RJD2 is leading off with layers and layers of “awww, shiiiiit.” Take 39 seconds at the beginning to reflect on the speed of life going by (sounds like a train, doesn’t it?). Once that’s over, accept it and kick a f’n door down. Bang.

Switching gears. For all the Yacht Rock fans, a little love from INLE. We just needed the right time to drop Kenny Loggins and Michael McDonald for you.  The waiting is over.

And for the last post of this Weekender and for the summer . . . Go swiftly towards your long weekend, travel safe, dodge any and all hurricanes (sorry, FAMU), keep a drink close and your music closer.


One thought on “Weekender: Long Weekend, The Perfect Occasion

  1. Cazador says:

    After an hour or two of reflection, the RJD2 song in this post might be the sickest thing we’ve posted. Real talk.

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