Stealing The Covers: Dave Matthews + Tim Reynolds, If I Had a Boat

A sentimental post, for sure. As you’ll see in the video (we’re assuming it was a huge, VHS tape recorder with a shoulder rest), the footage is somewhat dated. As I prepare to head back to the location of my formidable music education later this week, I wanted to honor that sojourn by throwing this into the mix.

It’s one of my all-time favorite covers because . . . well . . . I sang it drunk a lot when I was 19. A lot. Lyle Lovett sang the original. Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds provide this particular cover. As I recall, I sang it better than anyone else in the world has ever sang a song. No shit.

If you ever found yourself in or around Grand Forest Apartments, Knoxville, TN early on a Saturday or Sunday morning in 1999, there’s a fair chance 1 – you don’t remember it and 2 – if you remember it, I was somewhere singing this. Loudly.

Thanks for taking the trip down memory lane even though I gave you no choice (/chooseyourownadventure). Queue Mr. Matthews. The song is If I Had a Boat. I can almost taste the Southpaw Light.

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