New Music: Interpol, (quiet)

I spent far too long trying to find something truly noteworthy for this week of new music.  I mean, summer’s unofficial end has come and gone, I’ve scoured upcoming new releases and I truly believed this week would be one after another of fantastic new music to provide.

Well, piss. Turns out I was wrong. I’m sure there’s something great we’ll find next month and be doubly pissed it came out this week and we missed it, but until then . . .

Interpol released their self-titled new LP this week. We’ve spent a little time with it. Sounds like autumn feels, maybe? Maybe not. Regardless, I thought it was certainly worth mentioning. Here’s one from Interpol.  Song is Memory Serves.

Figured we could take a shot with an relative unknown, too. Winter Gloves is four handsomely facial haired gentlemen from Montreal, Quebec (that’s Canada). Today, thanks to Paper Bag Records, All Red is out. I figured someone out there would dig it and thank us later.

Just two, Cazador? Yes. I’d apologize if I had any control over it, but until someone pays me money to strum my beautiful variation on a G-chord (whaaa?), we’ll just have to do with what we’re provided. Next week promises Of Montreal, Brandon Flowers, Weezer, Chromeo, Walkmen and Jamey Johnson. STEE-RONG!

So stay with us. With cooler temperatures coming (eventually), we thought it might not be a bad idea to warm up by the speaker and do some thinking. One of our favorite thinking songs of the last few years is below. In truth, we should probably just do a full-on If You Haven’t Already Heard, which I might. Certainly deserving. Depending on your gender (or closeted love of female-pointed TV dramas), you might have heard this particular one on a TV show sometime not all that long ago. Embrace the beauty of Other Lives (H/T to Couscous for the suggestion circa late-2009).

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