Opining: MTV, VMAs, Bumpkin vs. Beats

We’re working on the new music.  There’s a lot of it. Some of it is bonkers badassness. I wanted to quickly give some thoughts on the whole VMA thing. I know. I’m like three days late. I’m sharing regardless.

If you didn’t see MTV’s claim to be “partly associated with more than just shitty reality TV drama” Sunday night (aka their VMA awards), boy oh boy did you miss a heaping pile of nothing. I love how MTV trots out this event as if they have some otherworldy authority on music these days.

Oh, we’re MTV, we STARTED all of this so we’ll be over here having almost NOTHING to do with music nearly ALL of the time . . . but don’t miss our awards show for stuff we’ve probably never aired! Someone might get drunk and do something completely zany and unplanned (or planned).

SOLD! That might have been slightly unfair. I’m sure I could be convinced that there were some bright spots (/looking at you, Florence Welch). Let’s get to the meat of the night.

Kanye West. Taylor Swift. Christ Almighty . . . do we really have to do this again? Did country music’s latest crossover sweetheart not get enough last year? Back for more? Will it even come up or have we all moved on?

The answer to the last query was a resounding “Fuck and No.” Taylor Swift has pretty much promised anyone, anywhere that if you cross her, she’s gonna drop you right into the middle of a song and get every 7-16 year-old girl in America to hate your ass. Fair enough. Sunday night was different. If you missed it, here:

Could that have been any more dramatic? It’s like the whole thing JUST happened. You got embarassed a YEAR ago . . . at an awards show that only had a little to do with your primary market . . . and it might have been the best thing that could have happened. The preachy, self-righteous tone of the whole thing is bad enough (and well documented), but how did this seem like a good idea? Who looked her in the eye and said “Oh, no doubt, you should DEFINITELY play that sad bastard song about Kanye at THIS year’s VMAs.” Again: Yeah, shit happened, but right up to the moment West took her mic (A YEAR AGO), Swift was moving at light speed in the direction of “Crossover Pop-Country Starlet Annoys The Shit Out Of Everyone.”

She should have written a song graciously thanking him for delaying the inevitable backlash. Now it seems she’s gone and given that exact thing some momentum. Odd.

Then it was his turn. And it was so incredibly Kanye West. It was a little anticlimactic, but the performance itself made you focus on the words. It was so polar opposite of the “remember how I got my feelings hurt” performance by Swift. This was “I said I was sorry, I am what I am, good luck to everyone out there co-existing.”

My hope is that now with an even score, we can move on. Please.


One thought on “Opining: MTV, VMAs, Bumpkin vs. Beats

  1. Mattingly's Moustache says:

    How dare you talk about Taylor Swift! She had me with “Tear Drops On My Guitar”, which is magical. Clay Travis believed this was Kanye’s worst performance, and he knows music, just like his knowledge of sports.

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