New Music: Jamey Johnson, Chromeo, Walkmen, More

Fewer words. More music this week. Holy hell.

Jamey Johnson released a double album called The Guitar Song this week. Here’s a good place to learn about the album and the guy that made it. Put plainly, the man can write a song and would probably also enjoy punching you in the face . . . directly in the f’n face.  Here’s a live Lonely at the Top.

A significant gear shift to Chromeo, but we like to put different stuff close together so we can paint it all with the INLE MS Paint brush.  Chromeo would like you to dance now.  Night by Night is the song.

The Walkmen get involved in a great week with their own strong release. Lisbon is available for you to pay for. Just sayin’. This is Torch Song.

Blonde Redhead spotted jumping in with Penny Sparkle. I’m an admitted Blonde Redhead fan from awhile back, but it seems like good things are being said about their latest.  The song is Not Getting There.

Of Montreal goes next with False Priest.  When will it stop? The song is Our Riotous Defects.

Chilly Gonzales. Chilly, indeed. Album is Ivory Tower, here’s numero uno, Knight Moves (/seewhatyoudidthere).

I guess we could have kept going?  Weezer, Brandon Flowers, Azure Ray, and probably a few more that escaped us. I desperately hope you haven’t wasted any money the last few weeks on useless things . . . because by all indications ’tis the season to spend some music money.

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4 thoughts on “New Music: Jamey Johnson, Chromeo, Walkmen, More

  1. Sideburns says:

    Chilly Gonzales might be the best band name I have heard in a while. I was expecting more of a polka sound based on the band name and was definitely surprised in a good way.

    Just wondering, but is Chromeo a breakout of Color Me Badd members?

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