If You Haven’t Already Heard: J. Cole

If you need a song for your haters, or just a jam to make it to the weekend, check out Blow Up by J. Cole. Drake gets a lot of the pub as the face for the next generation of hip hop, but Jay-Z protege J. Cole needs more than a passing glance.

J. Cole is the other side to the young hip hop coin. He didn’t make his name on Degrassi Jr. High or whatever the fuck, he did it the old fashioned way; with hard work, school, and swag. He began rhyming at the age of 12, and since he figured his best chance to get signed to a deal was in NYC, he did what any other aspiring rapper would do and attended St. John’s University on an academic scholarship.

After graduating Magna Cum Laude like all your favorite rappers, he got busy dropping mixtapes and shopping for deals. Jay-Z (who knows a thing or two about hit/star making) heard one, signed him up, and took him on the road for the Blueprint III tour.

Blow Up is full of anticipatory swag and go hard motivation. Cole touches on the same topics as the Young Money boys, but his approach is from a fresh perspective. Instead of rapping about Beamers, Benzes and Bentleys, Cole name checks Sallie Mae and rhymes about the futility of advanced education in the face of sky rocketing tuition. Deep.

So this fall while everybody else is riding Drake’s dick and waiting with baited breath for Weezy’s freedom, don’t sleep on J. Cole’s official debut, Cole World. Production includes No I.D, Pharrell, and J. Cole himself. Stale similes and teeny bopper cliches, not included.

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2 thoughts on “If You Haven’t Already Heard: J. Cole

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