Timeless and Timely: Rapper’s Delight

While there’s some apparent disagreement as to when this song was released, we have it on good authority that today, in 1979, Rapper’s Delight was officially available for mass consumption. Talk about timeless…

There had been “rapping” on other songs, but Rapper’s Delight earned The Sugarhill Gang the distinction of bringing the world the first widely-accepted hip-hop song. Ever.

In piddling around cyberspaces and learning far too much about this song, I decided that the making of a new genre or brand of music is a lot like laws and sausage. You don’t necessarily want to see how it’s made. That said, it was eventually ground, cased and served deliciously.

As with most forms of progress, someone usually gets left behind.  Grandmaster Caz (close to my heart) wrote lyrics for Big Bank Hank‘s verse but didn’t receive a writing credit. That probably didn’t affect his bottomline. Errrr. For shame.

Regardless of how it came to be and various other goings-ons, I think all can agree this one is horrifyingly important. September 16, 1979. Go Hotel. Motel. Holiday Inn.

Rap videos have come quite a ways, yes? It seems that we’re reinstituting Hip-Hop Thursday.  Why you ask? DCDC will be coming around with a rappy, beatsy suggestion later today. From the earliest to the latest. See what we’ve done here?


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