New Music: The Holy Sea, Balloons, Hands & Roots

I colored myself a neat shade of “surprised” as we spun around everything September 21 has to offer. We knew NEXT week was bringing trunk-bouncin’ beats and cold flows from some of our favorite “commercial” rappers, but sandwiched in between that and last week’s marathon of awesomeness is this neat little week of “Oh, alright . . . not bad.”

I don’t know why this exact thing hasn’t been done before, but I’m damn glad these fine folks got together and decided on it. John Legend and The Roots team up to cover some of the best 60s and 70s soul imaginable. We’ve ventured dangerously close to the “If The Roots are a part of it, it HAS to be good.” It’s a real danger zone for objectivity. I get that. I’m pretty certain I don’t care either. The album’s Wake Up! The song is Hard Times.

The Holy Sea gets it in with Ghosts of the Horizon. We know they’re Australian and have been around for awhile . . . and for all we know this album’s been out for a long, long time overseas (and possibly in America), but we didn’t have the time to get lexis-nexisy and find out truths. We’re all very busy in the kitchen. Here’s one to try . . . NOOOOO! YOUTUBE FAIL. Dammit.  Go here. Listen.

The Hundred in the Hands are Eleanore Everdell and Jason Friedman. They have a new album out this week. We stole this from the wikipedia page and figured it sounded like checking out.

Jason and Eleanore bend and blend styles, sounds and eras into something that feels fun.

Well I’ll try some of that, good sir! This one’s track 1 off the self-titled album. Song is Young Aren’t Young.

Maximum Balloon got our attention with three names and a letter.  Karen, Byrne, David and O. Not in that order of course. We like when electro-pop-rock folks bring in the nice vocal talent to push things a bit farther. David Sitek – the guy behind the boards of Maximum Balloon – is a member of TV On The Radio and superlative producer that’s gone an extra step in mixing all three together to create some magic. Strong endorsement.

Let me know if we missed anything especially incredible.

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