Stealing The Covers: Mumford & Sons, Dance Dance Dance

If you’ve wondered whether Mumford & Sons have rented a muscle car on the road to being the next Kings of Leon (or possibly Coldplay), I think the answer is certainly an affirmative of some sort. We’re going for “ascension from unknown to mainstream” in those comparisons, b-t-dub.

A long way left to go, but Mumford & Sons seems to have enough to get into the speakers of a lot of minivans in the next 12 months (if they’re not there already – YAY hip moms!).

La esposa and I saw them live awhile back. They rule in person. If Youtube is any indication, lots of folks out there seem to give a shit about what they’re up to. I do. And it was that very interest that lead me to this Stealing The Covers.

Dance Dance Dance. Written by Neil Young and recorded by he and the band Crazy Horse.  The song has a nice bouncey rhythm.  Young’s version immediately reminded me of this (don’t ask).

We’ll let the lads have a turn now.


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