Weekender: Mos Def

It occurred to me that we’d yet to make enough (if any) mention of Mos Def. One of my favorites. Smart, smart, clever, smart, talented, smart. He writes, raps, acts and comes strong for his self-directed social responsibilities. The man, put simply, is a beast. These songs should certainly improve your weekend if they haven’t already at some point in the past.

I’m going to make up for my criminal disregard of Mos by throwing three into this Weekender. Too hard to decide on one so we’re laying out a bountiful, family-style dinner spread of Mos. They’re all specially picked, solo efforts. Ghetto Rock, Life in Marvelous Times and Champion Requiem are the songs. Nod along. The beats can be intoxicating so mind any / all consumption while exposing your ears to the awesomeness below.

INLE sends big, wet weekend wishes to all. Travel safe, smile often and turn it up.

Last but not least.  My personal favorite.


One thought on “Weekender: Mos Def

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