Perhaps: You’re Married To This Cazador Character

Years of astonishing indifference by the ladies and “go nowhere” conversations thankfully ended just over 10 years ago. That past was nice to move on from, but I’d be lying if I said I knew how much better it would get.

Eight years ago + one day, la esposa was just an idea, a plan, a non-tangible work of imagination in the swirling and frighteningly underdeveloped mind of the aforementioned “Cazador character.” This idea, plan and imaginary conception of what things would become now seems incredibly overmatched by what’s become reality.

Since la esposa’s been so buena, we’re going to dedicate some música para el aniversario. Hold on, lovers. Inside and outside jokes begin now.  It’s like indoor/outdoor rugs.  Versatile, yes?

It should’ve been a sign that music was center to my introduction. An odd song to “get in” with, I suppose. Had to be there?

‘Tron who on what?

Now, we’ll bring the lovey stuff.  Oh – a brief aside: Fuck you, Grey’s Anatomy for ruining any number of great songs by laying it over some incredibly unbelievable story arc. What emotionally compromised surgeon slips, falls and is simultaneously impaled by an giant icicle? At least this one escaped unscathed (for me).

Eight years ago, the shortest and best-planned first dance known to any mammal. Ever. Feliz aniversario, mi esposa.


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