INLE Continues to Traverse Social Media

Last week, INLE commenter Sideburns graffiti’d the INLE Facebook wall with a stellar Pandora suggestion.  It made sense.  Admittedly, I can get caught up in the self-deprecating or sentimental or nostalgic storytelling and forget to mention what INLE is actually listening to.

To counteract the playfulness with pure sound, we’ve established this. It obviously won’t be EVERYthing playing ’round these parts, but it will be a nice, eclectic glimpse into some good new music suggestions as well as a reminder of things past . . . with an occasional commercial interuption for car insurance or canned ravioli (Yay, Capitalism!).

Most importantly, it’s another opportunity and locale to communicate with INLE. We’ll recap all of the places below just in case you missed one.  Like us, follow us, check in on us and anything else you can think of that won’t scare the pets.


Onto some music to get you going towards the end of the week.  Even though they’re out west to start things, in our minds we hope to hear this later.  HOWEVAH – we have a long-running tradition of non-categorized posts + The Beatles that will continue.


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