We Wish They Hadn’t: The Heights

The real title should have been We Wish They Hadn’t: Pushed Donna Down The Stairs, but Ray Pruitt (errr, Alex O’Brien) showed up in this place one day and well . . .

iTunes is selling certain one-hit wonders for 69 cents. Terrific deal.  Or not.  The Heights’ How Do You Talk to an Angel was one of the options. It got me to laughing . . . then? I went and found this. Let’s have a look (or 20).


Where the fuck are they?! If you’re a singer looking for a band and they ask you to meet at their rehearsal space and it looks like this, run. Fo’ real. Especially if the token dude from PCU and Swingers + David Silver’s drug pushing DJ buddy are both in the band. And why is “guitar god” such a dick to start? The drummer was late so that’s got everyone upset? Geez.

“GIVE HIM A CHANCE!” says the early-90s, cute, red-headed . . . SAXOPHONE?! What the?!

Do all band rehearsals go this swimmingly? I will never be convinced that they don’t all happen just like this. “Oh, you have a song, huh? Jerk. Play it.”  Forty-five seconds later everyone’s syncopated beautifully.

Some really special parts I wanted to highlight:

2:03 – The approving eye contact / nod between keyboardist and bassist.

2:16 – Assholish hair guy with an UH-MAZING solo to come decides it’s time to share the mic. The words are easy enough to learn. Out of the way, new guy! This is MY band!

2:24 – Drummers everywhere take note: Ballads need intensity, too.

2:46 – The look that says “I’m gonna push you down some stairs, Red.”

The whole thing is an incredibly hilarious exercise in Aaron Spelling TV brainwashing. How WASN’T this a hit?  I have a guess (or 50). If you see anything noteworthy or especially hilarious, drop that in the comments. Please.

If there are any bands out there reading this, please, please, please play this song at your Halloween show (in costume) and it will be a viral sensation. I promise. I write this blog, therefore I know everything about the internet. Maybe not. Never mind.  Still a good idea, though.

We’ll get the Weekender up for you shortly. Happy Friday out there!

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4 thoughts on “We Wish They Hadn’t: The Heights

  1. Mattingly's Moustache says:

    Ray Pruitt had the voice of an angel. Hold On was my World Series in 1994.

  2. CMurder says:

    iTunes is offering this for 69 cents now? This is bullshit, I paid full price for this song last year.

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