Weekend Review: Reznor, Deadmau5, Rage

Gracious! One night into this October weekend and there’s too much. No waiting. No resting on laurels or whatever the hell. Jumping in.

The Social Network will leave you feeling like a pawn in Mark Zuckerberg’s game of life (possibly), but Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross deserve a mention. The music was incredible . . . in a way that was not over-powering unless it needed to be. Well done. On We March.

We egregiously failed to mention this weekend’s Austin City Limits Festival. For shame. Couscous is on the ground and providing occasional news via various modes of communiqué.  We send our strongest “recover and resume” energies his way.  We know he did Deadmau5.  He’s about one thing. Dance. GO!

We heard a story that some Atlanta bar patrons (and friends of INLE) believe the Atlanta Braves’ improbable, extra-inning, comeback win was compliments of a continuous stream of Rage Against the Machine on the jukebox. Rick Ankiel’s forearms might disagree, but INLE likes the idea. We’ve already danced. Now let’s break some shit in the name of social injustice and human rights violations!  This one seems fitting (or not at all).

Or this one? I’m sure RATM encourages the application of sports metaphors to their art. Nah. Probably not. Come on. Come on!

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