Kickstart: Banjo or Freakout, Upside Down

This one’s not new, but I was trying to recall a song and/or video that might have something to do with Columbus Day. This one’s got a beach, a Native American (costume) and the grim reaper . . . so I’d say it’s got enough to represent.

Columbus proved the world wasn’t flat, survived a brutal ocean crossing and did an effective job of spreading venerial diseases. What have you done lately? Let’s take the holiday, ponder that question and listen to a nice, relaxing song.

Banjo or Freakout is an amazing name. The song is Upside Down. I still can’t decide if the video is awesome or just odd, but regardless, I like it. Banjo or Freakout’s label is doing this and his installment of Way Slow comes out tomorrow making this one timely, too.

Happy Columbus Day! Here’s hoping the post-Columbian European outbreak of syphilis was worth it and that you don’t have any urgent banking needs.


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